Carefully Selected Products by Our Head Concierge Staff

Professional Products for Home Use

The quality of our products for customers' home use are thoroughly controlled by our staff's daily use at home. We make sure that the products are easy to use at home so that our customers can reproduce the results.

The Ultimate Space for Relaxation

Each treatment room is accomodated with the ideal lighting, the sound of water and healing music, the aroma fragrance and the after-treatment drink to offer maximum relaxation to the customers on top of our treatments.

The Product Team with No Compromise

At head CONCIERGE, the product team is responsible for offering the same quality of products and spacial environment for all customers. The gowns and towels that we use in the treatment are washed in the same washing machine with exactly the same washing method to keep the same softness and scent. The products we use, the aroma, the after-treatment drinks are all tested by the concierge staff before offering to our customers so that you get only the BEST. We do this only for one purpose - for your beauty and relaxation.