head CONCIERGE Head Spa

Benefits of Our Head Spa

Our 15 minutes of head spa will give you the results that will exceed an hour worth of whole body massage. Since head pressure points are connected with body muscles, it can bring you the effects that extend throughout your whole body by approaching the treatment with specialized techniques. It also adjusts your autonomous nerves and allows your parasympathetic nerves dominant, which consequently maintains your mental relaxation.

Recovering from Fatigue

Our head spa accurately captures the head pressure points through the technique called “the inner muscle approach”. By stimulating the pressure points linked to the problematic parts of the body, we can bring you further recovery results. “Stiff shoulders and neck” and “eye strain” are some of the problems many people have that can be solved

Sound Sleep

Our treatment that approaches your 5 senses will induce ultimate relaxation – both physically and mentally. This will allow your parasympathetic nerves dominant and enable you to acquire high quality sleep. The effect will last long to solve the problems of those suffering from insomnia.


Keeping your hair and scalp clean will give radiance and strength to your hair. In addition, thorough cleansing of your pores will take away the greasy dirt and will prevent thinning hair. Moreover, since the facial skin is connected to the scalp, the process will lift up your entire face. You’ll feel this right after the treatment.

Our 3 FocusesCommitment


The One and Only Skill as a Team of Specialists

The technical skills of our head concierge staff is built up from scratch based on their profound knowledge on head pressure points and sleeping mechanism. The entire head spa treatment is completely original including the finger techniques, the angle of massaging the pressure points, and the rhythm of massage. Our customers experience a feeling of being massaged by something different than “fingers”. It’s a completely new head spa experience.


Relaxation by Approaching Your 5 Senses

Five sense includes seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. Room lighting, healing music and the sound of trickling water, fragrance of aroma, finger touch on your head, special after-treatment beverage. Having a head spa at head CONCIERGE means getting all your 5 senses healed and relaxed. This is what an “ultimate” relaxation is.


Carefully Selected Products

We carefully choose the exact products we use for each customer, depending on the condition of the scalp and hair. After the head spa, your scalp will be refreshed and your hair condition radiant and strong. If you’re happy with the shampoo and treatment, you can purchase them at the salon for home use. head CONCIERGE is the best salon with the maximum beauty effects.